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Training Programs & Courses

We offer two distinct opportunities of Learning.  The ideal learning system involves the integration of our complete Sales Training Courses and the ongoing “Coaching” of your sales team and individual members through ongoing programmed training.

Effective training requires Recently, Frequency and Repetition of the subject matter, in much the same way as an Advertising Campaign.

The other opportunity of learning is structured in a Modular format and delivered through Workshop and Tutorial Sessions.

This approach ensures the greatest return on your investment and commits the team and each member to achieving Sales Excellence.  All courses have been written by me and are delivered personally by myself.  Subject matter is extensive and practical.  A very comprehensive course document is also provided to all students who complete our courses.  This document covers the complete course syllabus and will serve as a reference bible during programmed training phases.  The document is a working tool and has ample room for note taking in each of the course segments.

Courses are supported by the most highly regarded American and English Sales Training Films produced to date.  It has been my own experience and also with those who I have taught, to see themselves in the same scenarios and situations which the films depict.

As we use Role Play in all our courses, the opportunity to utilise your own products or services in training ensures it’s relevance to your business at all times.


Training Solutions
Sales Training

Presentations are designed to best present your products or services and the very “Buying Objections” which your salespeople experience, are used in objection handling sessions.

With those who provide permission, Video is also used as a training tool to enhance the objectivity of lessons.

Once a course has been completed, students will have the opportunity to have me attend a real selling situation with them.  This allows me to assess how much the student has absorbed during the course and also their level of confidence and ability to put it to practical use.  It will as well provide me with their personal training reference point during the ongoing program.

Students are expected to commit and invest in the program to the same degree their organisation have.  They therefore, have an opportunity to seek one on one, or classroom training, in their own time at discounted rates to ensure they keep pace with other team members.


The student’s future sales performance will be closely measured by myself confidentially and reported to your relevant management or sales manager throughout the program.

Confidentiality is paramount and applies in regards to both the student’s abilities and details along with all company information and strategies discussed with me.

Training Programs follow a nine week cycle covering all segments taught during a course and can be adapted to best accommodate the companies plans and activities.

A full Sales Course is usually conducted over 3-4 full days dependent on numbers and can include week-ends if desired, as not to interrupt valuable selling time.  Courses can be modularised, however experience shows that intense full successive days works best.

Courses can be conducted at your organisation’s premises if it has suitable facilities, or in our Boardroom or one of the adjacent larger Conference Rooms at Quay West in the Sydney CBD.  The Quay West facility also offers excellent accommodation and dinning, along with a fully equipped Gymnasium, Pool and Spa with magnificent views of Sydney Harbour for attendees and interstate guests.  We also utilise other renowned Hotels with excellent conference facilities, in any Capital City CBD or its environs.  Often businesses choose to integrate their company conferences or product launches with a Sales Seminar.  This of cause works very well allowing for interaction and bonding with other stake holders within the business.

Ongoing Training

The ongoing training program is usually conducted at your organisation’s premises and in the field.

Communication is vital to success.  You will be kept up to date with progress reports and measurements of each student and or team.  There are also, a number of valuable management reports for you to choose from, which may enhance your own business reporting systems. Our programs provide an assessment of an individuals selling ability and scales them by their performance referenced to both selling targets and budget. The scale provides a measurement of ability, aptitude, experience, motivation and company spirit. Salespeople are then classified as being of novice, intermediate or advanced selling capability. This becomes significantly important in the assignment of selling roles and your expectations of them in satisfying company goals. It also provides a pathway for their careers within your company.

During the program we also give consideration to your salespeople’s remuneration and incentives and provide industry comparisons. Salespeople should be reward driven and we can outline those reward programs that generate the best results keeping in mind any budgetary constraints.

I am a powerful motivator of people and I will ensure your company has a team of the most capable and motivated salespeople, able to adapt to change and pride themselves in gaining new business and always selling “The Price is Right”.

Training is paramount to success, and by choosing our Training Program, your organisation will comprehensively ensure an excellent return on your investment.  Your Salespeople will be encouraged to undertake training exercises in their own time, in appreciation of your investment in them, allowing them to take pride in their personal performance and development whilst achieving company Sales Targets.

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