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About Us

Improve your Sales Performance and Increase Profit and Cash Flow

As Sales Performance Specialists we review and consider all the elements and factors that contribute to achieving outstanding Sales Results and excellent Profit Margins.
Our aim is to provide helpful and valuable Consultancy and Training Services to Businesses of varying size and Industry who employ or engage Salespeople to market and sell their products or services.  We add value by assisting their Salespeople to improve both their “Face to Face” and “Telephone Selling” techniques to achieve greater sales results, by way of new customers gained and increased volume from existing customers, whilst achieving those Sales at higher prices and Profit Margins.


We review and offer our advice on the complete Sales Strategy and Function of the business considering all aspects of the Sales Function.  We further implement any positive changes by partnering closely with our Clients Management Team, providing excellent guidance, training, coaching and motivation in the process.
We also make considered recommendations to our clients regarding Reward and Recognition Programs, Remuneration Packages, Recruitment and Selling Strategies.
Through our thorough and modern reporting systems, clients are kept in “The Loop” with the improvements in performance of both the business model and their valuable people resources.
We provide assistance and support to Sales Managers allowing them to better utilize their valuable time by focusing on the commercial aspects of the business.
We also provide Selling and Negotiation Skills Workshops for Professional Groups such as Law Firms and Accountancy Practices.



We offer two distinct opportunities of Learning.  The ideal learning system involves the integration of our complete Sales Training Courses and the ongoing coaching of your sales team and individual members through programmed training.
Effective training requires Recently, Frequently and Repetition of the subject matter, in much the same way as an advertising campaign.
The other opportunity of learning is structured in a Modular format and delivered through Workshop and Tutorial Sessions.



Coaching builds an individual’s confidence quickly and allows me to work in the field with a student in a mentoring role to ensure they are grasping and applying the training to become a high performer capable of achieving the elite targets and goals set for them.
Team Spirit is vital to success and whilst individuals are provided with personal mentoring, we encourage the building of a “Team” approach to bring “Uniformity” to the business model and reflect the “Pride” they have in representing their Company or Organization.



We teach and ensure that each individual has a thorough knowledge of the “Science of Motivation” and is therefore responsible for his or her own “Self Motivation”.
I am a powerful motivator of people and I will ensure your company has a team of the most capable and motivated salespeople, able to adapt to change and pride themselves in gaining new business and always selling “The Price is Right”.


Businessman Alan Hawes has always loved speed. The former sprinter went on to coach Olympic athlete Darren Clark to two Olympic 400 meter Finals (1984, 1988), breaking World and National Records in his quest for Olympic gold. During this time the most knowledgeable observers believed Darren to be, the fastest non drug taking male athlete in the world. After all, the only two people he had never beaten over 400 meters during his competitive days were subsequently both suspended for using performance enhancing drugs.

Alan’s success in coaching athletes, at both elite and elementary levels, comes not only from a great understanding of human movement and proven training techniques, but also, from his time spent as a Sales Executive and Businessman.

To reach the stringent goals he had set for himself—“Life Goals”, he utilised his study and understanding of the great selling skills he had been taught along with unfaltering motivation, desire and a “never give in” attitude to win.

Using these techniques and beliefs, Alan was able to instil these winning methods into his athletes giving them supremacy both at race time and during the ordeals of training.

Sprinting requires the same mental acuteness and beliefs that selling does, if you want to WIN. After all, you train your body to be able to endure the hard training three hours each day. It’s the training that’s hard as a race only lasts for nine plus seconds (100m), nineteen plus seconds (200m) or forty three plus seconds (400m). For all that training effort you will run a personal best time for the season, or more importantly, win the race or races you wish to! The race is the easy bit.

However, you must be in it to win!

Alan has the knowledge, of these proven sales techniques, activities and programs, which when learnt and applied, ensure that you will WIN, as an individual, or collectively as a company, business or partnership.

Alan has built several substantial and very successful businesses from scratch with far reaching operations throughout Australia and New Zealand.  His personal ability to “Sell” was paramount to the success of these businesses.

He is an ardent and grateful student of Salesmanship- “A Transference of Feeling”. 

He has been taught by the best, having worked with greats such as Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale and Australia’s own the late Walter Dickman.

He has also undertaken extensive business studies – Commerce (Accounting) certificate course at Meadowbank Technical College and later Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Communication Studies) at Kuringai College of Advanced Education (now UTS).

Alan is a “people person” with the ability to teach others to “raise the level of the possible” in reaching targets and the realisation of ones self esteem and dreams.

He has an excellent understanding of human behavioural sciences and is a powerful motivator. Alan has an amazing ability to coach his students to reach their personal and corporate goals.

Alan has put together a number of exciting training and motivation programs that will ensure your sales team will always deliver your organisation the sales results at the right price that you budget for. This is how to attain real business growth at your desired margins.

Let Alan put your team on the track and into the race to achieve the success that you have set for your organisation.

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